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Community Job Application

Want to join our Community? We’re always looking for talented, motivated and fun-loving people who enjoy the restaurant industry and have a passion for customer service. Please take a second and fill out our form below.

Job Applying For:
Host/HostessBusserServerBarbackBartenderExpoDishwasherLine Cook

Street Address:



Zip Code:

Are you over 18 years of age?

How did you hear about this job opportunity?
CraigslistFacebookOther EmployeeReferralOther

If you selected "Other" please let us know your source:

How many weekly hours do you want to work?

Can you comfortably lift 50 pounds?

Have you ever had a job before?

Please list any applicable prior job experience:

Why are you a good fit for our family? (this is where you tell us you're a people person)

Anything else interesting we should know about you? (this is where you tell us if you ever bare-knucke boxed a bear or whittled a canoe you then took down the Colorado)

If you have a resume, you can upload it here: